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Put Some Cloths On!

This years ARTS had the privilege of performing in the Onward Enterprises version of the Emperor's New Clothes Pantomime 2023. What an incredible show full of hilarious tradition and captivating performances.

Every year, ARTS organises two teams of dancers for the show, all of whom have a wonderful experience on and off the stage.

Thank you to all who took part - here are the thoughts and memories of just two of the girls who helped make the show so special.

Written By Charlotte aged 9

Panto was really fun & exciting, we were all really happy.

It was my second time doing the panto and It was really nice to watch the onward players have the best time. My favourite dance was “I’m so excited” because it was fast and made me laugh and smile more.

We did 4 performances and I made lots of new friends. On Saturday We had fish and chips and went to the park. The musicians were really good and had lots of talent and made us want to dance even more than we did before.

I was sad when it was over because I just wanted to do it again and again. I have so many happy memories from panto including singing Swede Carrot Lime instead of Sweet Caroline whilst waiting for the finale.

I cant wait to do it again next year.


Written by Emily aged 16

I was lucky to have taken part in my 4th panto this year. I have danced twice as a Junior Dancer, and this was my 2nd as a Senior. I love dancing with my ARTS family at these pantos as Onward Players are a great team to be a part of. They are all very talented and inspiring and the atmosphere they bring is enjoyment and laughter.

It is fun learning new dance routines even though they can be taught very fast paced. They are even more fun when getting to perform them live on stage for the shows.

Backstage for the rehearsals is exciting, just the same as when I was a Junior, however as a Senior it is nice to see the younger ones full of smiles and laughter. We are one big team, and the Actors sometimes join us backstage in between performances which is great to be a part of.

I have so many happy memories from the Harleston Pantomimes (especially the Chip Shop Dinner and Park trip we have in between the two shows on the Saturday).

Thank you, ARTS and Onward Players, for giving me these opportunities to perform. They bring out my confidence and makes me love dancing with ARTS even more!


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