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Theatre Royal, Norwich

Sunday 7th May 2023

With over 290 young performers exploring their favourite Heroes through dance and song – this is sure to keep you entertained! From superheroes to real-life heroes, from courageous historic figures to everyday people we admire – there is definitely something for everyone!

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What people had to say...


Show Testimonial

I hope you are well. Congratulations on the Hero’s show. As a newbie to the school I was blown away by the whole performance. It was emotional, told a story and each and every dancer was phenomenal . I am so glad I moved my daughter from her old dance school to yourselves, the difference in such a short time is amazing! So thank you!


Show Testimonial

We just wanted to say thank you to you and all of the teachers, staff and chaperones who worked so hard to make the show happen. We thoroughly enjoyed our first (hopefully of many) ARTS shows.

I know Ava was only in one little dance but she had such a wonderful time performing - we had tears on Monday morning when she discovered that there were no more shows to do. She loves dancing and it has been wonderful seeing her grow in confidence over the last year since she started with you. 

We hope you have all found time to recover from the mayhem of the last few weeks. I cannot imagine the amount of organisation and planning that goes into creating such a wonderful performance.

Thank you again.


Show Testimonial

Just wanted to say a massive ‘Thank you” to you all - Vickie your team & family are amazing…we feel so so lucky to be part of the Arts family.

Keira & Jas had the most amazing time & say it was the BEST show yet!  They feel very honoured to have been asked to dance alongside you & Merei, I think their smiles said it all 😊


Show Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you and to everybody who worked so hard yesterday. The show was amazing. How on earth you managed to choreograph and organise so many individuals I will never know! I was blown away.


Show Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and the team for putting on such a fabulous show for the girls. It was amazing!! 

It’s such a great opportunity for them but the level of work that goes in to it is immense. So thank you so much for doing it.

Your dance brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful tribute to your mum.

All in all a huge success, well done and thank you.


Show Testimonial

Well done to you all on such a wonderful show! It was very emotional but at the same time inspiring with full of happiness and a love of dancing throughout! Everyone danced beautifully. 

This is Emily's 13th year with you and she still loves dancing as much as when she first started with you, with her very first lessons being with Janet who she admired and looked up to lots. Her confidence grew and grew! And now heading into her final years with you she is still growing, learning and improving! Thank you to all of you at ARTS for your kindness, patience and support. This show has brought out yet more confidence and she is looking forward to the next adventures with you.

As much as the chaperoning is tiring! I loved being with the older ones this year, not that I needed to do much but being a part of some of their final show with you and being able to support and  help them was all worthwhile.  It is due to you all at ARTS  for giving them and us as parents all of these wonderful memories which we can treasure and treasure.

Vickie I know your mum was looking down at us all yesterday and she would be so proud of what you have achieved and done! Emily loves having you as her teacher. You are all our rock and ARTS  has become a second home to us all, giving us that safe and happy place.

Well done again and Thank you!


Show Testimonial

What an amazing show it was! We were in awe of the show you created, it was amazing.  

Ella absolutely loved the day, as I’m sure hundreds of other children did.

Thank you for offering all the children such an amazing experience, it is something they will remember forever.  

I just wanted to thank you, your team and all the volunteers for the huge amount effort that went into creating and facilitating the Hero’s show.

Kind regards


Show Testimonial

I wanted to say a big thank you to you and the whole Arts Team. Isla had an absolutely amazing day and went to school this morning like a celebrity telling everyone about how her and her friends danced in front of about 1000 people! She absolutely loved it! Great memories made! 

A lovely tribute to your mum also! 

Hope you all get some rest this week.

Thanks again 


Show Testimonial

Firstly a huge congratulations to you and your amazing team for creating such an amazing show.  We came in the evening with my Mum and Craig’s parents and aunt and uncle came in the afternoon.  They all thought it was your best show yet.  The blend of backdrops, costumes, music and genres meant it was incredibly varied and a real visual feast.  It was a wonderful show and your must feel so proud of all that you, your team and your students achieved. 


Show Testimonial

Thank you for such a wonderful experience for my girls (and all the other kids).  The show was fantastic and they loved being a part of it.  

Please pass on my thanks to your staff, but particularly to Trish - for making me feel so welcome. And to Lauren and Kayley, who despite being ridiculously busy, still made time to check in on Connie.


Show Testimonial

Congratulations on a fantastic show!  Phoebe had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed being part of it all. Such a beautiful tribute to your dear mother and grandmother too. Thank you for all the effort in providing this opportunity to the students, it is much appreciated.

Kind regards 

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