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Sadlers Wells 2016

Performance at Sadlers Wells Theatre, London

The Story

By Georgia Bacon (Head Girl 2016)

I woke up feeling a little nervous but more than tha,t I was just excited for the show to finally be here. Weeks of preparation, extra weekend rehearsals and a lot of hard work had gone into the dance, so I couldn’t wait to finally perform them in front of an audience. 


The journey there was busy as we were all trying to plait each others hair on the coach so we had more time there once we arrived. It was great to hear all the younger children’s excited voices as it was their first time performing in London. 

Sadler’s Wells Theatre is right in the centre of London and a very prestigious theatre so I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to dance on a stage that so many professionals do, with all of my friends. We performed two dances - in one we were wolves and the other we were pirates. The most challenging part was trying to run around the entire stage in time to start the dance. 

Both the dances went well and it was  such an amazing but overwhelming feeling to hear such a big audience applauding us after we finished. 

The whole experience was amazing and I would love to do it again, especially being able to do it with my ARTS family who made me incredibly proud.

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By Callum O'Brian (Deputy Head 2016)

Performing at Sadlers Wells Theatre with ARTS is a highlighted experience of mine. 

The atmosphere from the students to the staff was ecstatic. Not only was it an experience not to forget, but also a day not to forget!

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