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SHOW 2009 - 'Cue The Music'

Performed at The Walter Roy Theatre, Norwich

The Story

By Katy Stangroom

'Cue the Music’ was a celebration of some the world’s most  well-known, and well-loved, movie classics and included such song and dance  routines set to instantly recognizable, and equally dramatic, compositions such  as ‘Jaws’, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Many numbers stood out this year, for many different  reasons, showing the professionalism and versatility of the pupils, teachers  and technical crew involved in the production. The sheer logistics of getting  all 300 performers onstage for the finale should in itself be commended but to captivate an audience for 2 hours, performing most nights without a full cast  due to swine flu fears and injuries, is quite a feat. But perform they did and the standing ovation received after singing and dancing their hearts out to the school’s very own Anthem was  certainly well deserved.  


The school, and it’s productions, seem to go from strength  to strength, much to the credit of principals Victoria and Janet Wright and the show’s co-creator Andrew Winship, who this year created synchronised movie screens to accompany each number, much to the enjoyment of the juveniles in the  show who stood watching 101 Dalmatians every time their dance caused them to turn around!                         


With fantastically lit staging, giant spider webs appearing  from no where, beautiful costumes, inspired choreography and some truly  talented youngsters, including lead singer Alex Short and his fellow guitarists  who’s rendition of ‘A Town Called Malice’, from Billy Elliot, was a joy to  watch, it was certainly a show to remember. 


Choosing winners for the annual awards ceremony (to be held  at Dunston Hall De Vere Hotel in November) may prove difficult this year but  luckily pupils have plenty more productions to shine in with performances  already set up for The Chicago Blues Brothers Tribute at the Playhouse Theatre  in October, pantomime for the Onward Players early next year and an exciting  trip to Barcelona in April….. ‘Cue the Music’!

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