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Paris 2016

All about the fun we had performing in Disneyland Paris 2016

Some happy memories

By Betsy Looker (Age 8)

When we were driving to Disney, I felt excited even though the  journey was slow and boring. I felt relieved when we got to Disneyland because we had been driving for such a long time. My family and I were unpacking when we saw my friend Alice - she was doing the show as well.

Everyone was getting up in the morning really early so we could get to the show at the right time. We were all putting our hair up and getting changed. Well the boys weren't putting their hair up but the girls were! It wasn't long until we all met up by the stairs in the hotel and of course we had a photo of us altogether. After a few photo snaps we walked as a massive family wearing matching t-shirts. 

After a long walk we stopped to sit down so we could all have a rest. Some of my friends and I were playing 'Duck Duck Goose' The rest of ARTS were talking. After a while we started to set off to the stage again. When we got to the Theatre we did a head count. Then after that we went into the Theatre to see the Stage, we were also getting told the rules and all that safety stuff. That's when I got very nervous but I was very excited by that I mean reall,y really excited but I think everyone else was too! I was very nervous because it might go wrong.

Everyone was waiting in the wings ready to go onstage, I was nervous because I had a very! very! VERY!!! quick change from a school girl to a baby bird in 22 seconds. I could see my Mum and Dad smiling at me and I smiled back.

The very very VERY quick change went well and I had a great show with everyone in ARTS. When the Show was over I felt sad but happy to see my family again.

We had a great time including the rides and I will remember that experience for the rest of my life!

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