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The Ballet 2019

All about the fun we had performing in

The Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe 2019 at St Andrews Hall, Norwich.


Some happy memories

By Lucy Squires (Age 14)

I was so lucky to be able to dance in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - it’s an experience I don’t think I could’ve ever imagined being that phenomenal.

​The rehearsal process was wonderful, being able to start to piece together the dances and watch the story evolve was so special, and to have the opportunity to be dancing with groups of people who I hadn’t danced with before was thrilling. I was able to develop new friendships and experience what it was like to work with people of different ages, whilst also learning so much new choreography and developing my strength.

The performance was completely magical and exhilarating, it’s one of my favourite memories I have. To be on stage with such special props and set pieces, like the beautiful wardrobe and the brilliant bow I was able to use, was so exciting. The costumes were also fantastic, and were absolutely vital in creating the otherworldly atmosphere of Narnia, from beautiful snowflakes to enchanting lions - they were all so stunning!


Even after the shows, I was still buzzing with the excitement, the sight of seeing the audience applaud at the Finale is one that will last with me forever. It made me really appreciate the amount of fantastic effort that the team at ARTS put in to make the Ballet so special for everyone, both performing and watching.

I’m so fortunate to have been able to perform in such a beautiful show and I can’t thank the ARTS team enough for creating such a magnificent Ballet, which will always be one of my favourite days in my life.

Watch our
By Lettie Morritt (Age 12) 

I was really grateful to play the part of Lucy in the Narnia Ballet. It was an amazing experience as I got to learn lots of different challenging dance moves. It also helped me to pick up new choreography more quickly thanks to all the great teachers at ARTS. I especially enjoyed dancing with people I have never danced with before at ARTS which definitely developed my stage confidence. I can't wait for the next show.

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