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Disneyland Paris 2011

All about the fun we had performing in Disneyland Paris 2011

The Team

Jodi Rump, Meredith Winship, Cara Van Rensburg, Harrison Winship, Phoebe Thomas, Nicole Phillips, Emily Wastell, Rhianna Maloney, Alice Winnett, Caitlin Rump, Keir Murray, Gabrielle Anthony, Amy Murray, Abi Lewis, Daisy Wyatt, Olivia Anthony, Elle Gibbons, Luc Van Rensburg, Catherine Hughes, Tory Underwood, Lauren Syder, Lucy Butcher, Caitlin Rump, Emily Winnett, Liana Rout, Alice Gibbons, Kerryann Baker, Chloe Hunter, Robyn Anthony, Emily Rout, Hattie Beckett-Allen, Holly Lewis, Emily Armon, Ellie Sharp, Eleanor Riseborough, Keira Riseborough, Chelsea Spalding, Abi Sutherland. 

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