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Show 2015

All about the fun we had performing in Kinetic - Show 2015

at OPEN in Norwich


Some happy memories

By Phoebe Thomas (Age 12)

Months of practices and rehearsals were over and we were finally entering the stage door at the Open in Norwich. I was so excited. All the arts students were bubbling with anticipation, it was that time again, we were about to perform our latest Arts show called Kinetic. 


Backstage we were busy getting ready, make-up and fantastic costumes were everywhere, lots of selfies were being taken and everyone was nervously waiting for the helpers to call us for our dances.

We were performing at a new venue, making it feel extra special.  We knew our friends and families were waiting for our show to start, so all of our rehearsals had to pay off.   I was in a medley at the start of the show and although we’d rehearsed at the Open, it was brilliant to be stepping onto the stage for the actual show.  All ages performed, from the tiny juvenile classes and even some adults too.  Some of the Arts staff danced in the advanced routines and they were as excited as us. We saw the juvenile tap class backstage ready to go on for their mouse in a windmill dance, they all had mouse ears on, so cute! 


The show had all different types of dance in it, - ballet, acro, contemporary, tap, modern, street and disco, as well as singing, guitars and musical theatre.  When you are in quite a few dances, you have to change really quickly, sometimes even wearing one costume on top of another.  We did 3 performances of the Kinetic show, it was brilliant, everyone helped each other backstage and we made sure we had enough time to spray ourselves with some showbiz glitter!  It was a great experience!

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