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Panto 2013

Robinson Crusoe

Performed in Harleston

The Story

By Abigail Lewis

What can I say? Being a part of the Panto is a fantastic experience. I've been in it as both a junior and a senior dancer. We have several weeks of rehearsal in the run up, so you really know your dances before the main rehearsals where you see how you it into the whole performance. The dancers are always made to feel really welcome by the Onward Players and made to feel we have a special place in their show. It is a happy, funny and very professional show and everyone is really friendly. If you are nervous about working with adults, especially those with additional needs, then please don't be! Don't be shy, say hi and talk to them like you old anyone else when you are representing ARTS and you'll get along just fine. You will make new friends while taking part in something really special that you will never forget.

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Lily Browne, Emily Critchell, Maddy Greenly, Isaac Looker, Kirsty Ogden, Alice Vale, Alice Winnett


Mollie Drummond, Abi Lewis, Georgina Randon, Megan Weavers, Emily Winnett, Daisy Wyatt

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