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Paris 2022

All about the fun we had performing in Disneyland Paris 2022

Some happy memories

By Carly Jermyn (Age 14)

What an experience Disneyland was with the ARTS family! There was no better way to spend it than being surrounded by all your friends and family. I haven't been with ARTS too long and this was my first big trip with all of the team. I was a little bit nervous as I knew the majority of my friends had already been before so I was unsure what to expect, but going to Disney was the best decision I ever made! Everyone made me feel so welcome. The opportunity to dance in Disneyland Paris seemed so surreal! I also loved all of the rehearsals we had leading up to it - seeing all of the younger ones smiling and having fun (along with us big kids too!) 


We all loved the costumes, they looked amazing onstage! The dances were so fun too perform and all of the crew backstage were so supportive and kind.


I would just like to say Thank-you for all of the hard work that went into making our Disneyland experience the best it could be and also a massive Thank-you to  Lisa, Amy, Daisy and Kayleigh who gave us all the best choreography. And of course the biggest Thank-you to all the ARTS team that have made me part of the family and for this opportunity!

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By Edie Arnup-Chapman (Age 7)

Dancing in Disney was very fun, everybody loved it! It was so exciting to be at Disney performing on the stage, it felt amazing. We all loved the costumes, they were very glittery. My favourite was the long, silvery dress. When we finished the show we all wanted to do it again because it was so brilliant!

I got to see Stitch on the last day with all of my friends and went on my 2 favourite rides, Pirates of the Caribbean and Phantom Manor. I was so sad to leave and I hope to go back soon! 

Thank you for taking us to Disneyland Paris!

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