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Lord Mayors
Procession 2022

All about the fun we had performing in The Lord Mayors Procession 2022

Some happy memories

By Clara Mills (Age 7)

I joined the Lord Mayors Procession for the first time this year. I really enjoyed wearing a beautiful costume and joining all the rest of the dancers. The rehearsals were long and hard work but it was all made worth it in the end when we danced through Norwich together. I enjoyed all the different songs that were picked and it was easy to learn the dances that went with them. I had lots of fun with my dancing friends and I can’t wait to do another one next year.

By Molly Richardson (Age 15) 

After 3 years of waiting and many weeks of practicing as different groups, the day came for us to take part in the Lord Mayors Procession through Norwich. The theme this year was Kings and Queens, fitting in with the Queens Platinum Jubilee. The songs we danced to fitted in with the theme too. There were no floats this year, but we had a giant crown to accompany our performance which some of our team pulled along as we danced our way through the streets making our way to the grounds of the cathedral. Thankfully there was no rain and the sun even shone at times too. It was a really enjoyable experience and we had good fun, smiling all the way. By the end, our feet were sore from dancing on the hard road in our jazz shoes, but for my first experience of taking part in the Lord Mayors Procession, I loved it - dancing with my friends and the ARTS family.

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