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Peter Pan
The Ballet 2016

All about the fun we had performing in Peter Pan The Ballet

performed at St Andrews Hall

December 18th 2016


Some happy memories

By Isaac Looker (Peter Pan)
When my mum told me I was to be Peter Pan - I couldn't go to sleep - I've always loved Peter Pan and shortly after I was told to read the book so I could get to know my character.


When we started rehearsals, I had hour upon hour of training and rehearsals with different teahcers directions and choreography. I rehearsed with older danceers to much younger dancers - all incredibly talented. 


Leading up to the Show, it seemed like ARTS was my second home. As soon as school finished, I was driven to ARTS for rehearsals!


On the big night,I did not have to worry about costume changes because i had only one amazing costume. All my dances went perfectlythanks to my teachers. 
​All  my thanks go to Vickie for choosing me for the part!

By Jasmine Kibble (Tinkerbell)
When Vickie asked me if I would like to be Tinkerbell in our Christmas ballet, Peter Pan, I was so shocked and very, very excited. Who wouldn't want to be Tinkerbell?  I absolutely loved every second.

Rehearsals were so much fun and I was able to rehearse with the younger ARTS students as well as those older than me which was brilliant. It was great working with all the ARTS teachers involved and I made some new friends too.

Even when I was not on stage I enjoyed watching the other dancers on stage from the wings. I was especially interested in seeing how the whole performance was pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Gradually, after lots of rehearsals, the day of the performance arrived and my excitement grew stronger. Mum and Dad wished me good luck backstage and then we had to do the stage rehearsal and the dress rehearsal. Backstage was busy and I especially loved being with Lauren and the little crocodiles. I loved wearing my beautiful Tinkerbell tutu which glittered with lots of gems like pixie dust. I also wore sparkly fairy wings and glittery ballet shoes to match. They even had the Tinkerbell white pom poms on the top!


The performance was epic and St Andrews Hall was absolutely crammed packed with the audience. This was the last time I would perform as Tinkerbell and I wanted to be the best I could possibly be. Every single second was so special and I did not want it to end.

Unfortunately it did have to come to an end but I have some very special memories, photographs and of course a wonderful DVD to watch so I can always remember it.

What a brilliant way to start the Christmas holidays!  Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity

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