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ARTS Shop Gets A Facelift

As part of the ARTS refurbishment programme our shop display has had a bit of a facelift!

At ARTS, we understand the importance of making a great first impression. That’s why we’ve redesigned our shop display to be both modern and functional while creating additional space in the Reception area.

Gone are the cupboards that always got in the way! Gone are the untidy shelving and old-fashioned display hooks and clamps, all replaced with a modern, contemporary, modular system that not only displays more products, takes up less space, is more flexible, and makes it easier to clean and maintain.

As part of the ARTS refurbishment programme, we’re dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward more than ever before. We thinks it looks great!

With feedback being overwhelmingly positive we are looking forward to seeing it developed and integrated with the Reception update later in the year.

Watch this space for updates and progress reports!

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