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We are pleased to announce that ARTS will be holding our first Open Day in 10 years on Sunday 28th May 2023 from 10am until 1pm.

Families will be welcomed and invited to participate in an array of workshops they are interested in, view our facilities and meet the team.

There will be a range refreshments available and even some surprise goody-bags to take away.

Details as follows:

Open Day Registration

How may children will be attending?

Thank you! See you on Sunday May 28th

Red Studio

10.00 - Junior Street dance (Age 8-11)

10.30 - Primary Street dance (Age 4-7)

11.00 - Primary Contemporary (Age 4-7)

11.30 - Junior Contemporary (Age 8-11)

12.00 - Primary Musical Theatre (Age 4-7)

12.30 - Junior Musical Theatre (Age 8-11)

1.00 - End

Blue Studio

We will be serving a range of hot and cold drink with some delicious home made cake.

Pop-in and meet the team, it would be great to see you!

Yellow Studio

10.00 - Primary Disco (Age 4-7)

10.30 - Junior Disco (Age 8-11)

11.00 - Pre-School Gymnastic Dance (Age 2-4)  

11.30 - Pre-School Theatre (Age 2-4)

12.00 - Pre-school Disco (Age 8-11)

12.30 - Primary Ballet (Age 4-7)

1.00 - End

Green Studio

This will be our quiet room for the day. Get yourself a drink and a piece of cake from the Blue Studio and take a seat while your children enjoy the activities throughout the school.

Additional Information

There will be seating available in the waiting room, the Green Studio and the main corridor for when you need a break. You will be allowed into the studios to watch the classes but due to the safeguarding of the children only limited numbers of people will be allowed in the studios. There will be plenty of alternative places to view the activities as all the studios have viewing windows and glass in the doors so no-one will miss out.

If you have any special requirements please feel free to drop us a line before you attend and we look forward to meeting you and your talented family members on the 28th.

See you on the 28th 


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