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ARTS procedures for a Covid-19 safe environment

From 3rd September 2020 the following procedures will apply;

Entry and Exit
Pupils will wait outside in designated areas prior to their class. One parent may wait with their child until they are collected by our staff.
At the start of the lesson, the class teacher or ARTS office staff will collect the children from the entrance. Children should use the hand sanitiser provided (or may use their own) on entering the building.
(Red studio will use the normal front door / Yellow studio will use the old front door)

At the end of the class, the teacher will return the children to the entrance.
Should you be late to collect your child, there will be designated areas indoors for them to wait safely.

Face coverings
Any adult entering the building must wear a face covering
Any child aged 12 & over should wear a face covering whilst in the building. They may be removed in the studio for class but should wear them in corridors, waiting areas etc.

Pre-School (Juvenile classes)
Juvenile children may have 1 parent enter the building with them and take them to the  studio. In line with the current guidelines and due to the corridors being relatively narrow, adults will need to wear a face covering when entering the building.
At the end of the Juvenile class, the children will be led to the ARTS entrance for collection.  
There will be no Tap shoes to borrow at the current time.
Please ensure your child has been to the toilet prior to you leaving. Should you expect your child to need the toilet during class, please remain outside so ARTS staff can easily find you to assist your child.

Please do not come to class if you or anyone you live with is displaying any symptoms of Covid-19.
These include; 

​A new high temperature
A new continuous cough
A loss of, or change in, sense of smell and taste. 
Should illness occur during class, the child will be immediately removed from the class to an isolated waiting area and the parent contacted to come and collect them.
Should someone in a class test positive for Covid-19, all members of their class will be contacted immediately and parents should follow medical advice in this instance.

Uniform will be available to purchase. Anyone requiring uniform can enter the shop one at a time with one parent accompanying them. Face coverings for anyone over the age of 12 will be required. Payment should be made by card wherever possible.

Fees should be paid online wherever possible. Payments can also be made over the phone. Where either of these options are not suitable, parents may come in and pay but should wear a mask and use a card if possible. Payments will be required during the first week of term. This is due to class sizes being limited.

All areas will be regularly cleaned and sanitised.
Surfaces that come into regular contact with pupils (ballet barres, gym mats etc) will be sanitised after each class.

Toilets will be open for use but please only use them if absolutely necessary. Toilets will be regularly cleaned.

Changing rooms
Changing-rooms will not be available for use. Children should arrive to class ready dressed and bags may be left in the waiting-room for the Red Studio and in the studio itself when in the Yellow. Where you have multiple classes, there is no need to change uniform.      

Car Parking
Car parking on site will be reduced to enable the children to queue safely outside the front of the building.
Please be considerate when parking in the surrounding areas and do not block driveways.

Class format
Windows and doors will be left open to aid ventilation. Fans and air conditioning will not be used.
High intensity workouts will not be used.
Teachers will avoid any physical contact with the children.
Studio floors will be marked with areas for the children to dance in to help them keep to their own space.
Teachers will minimise the amount of travelling around the studio particularly in larger classes.
Class sizes reduced
Conditioning mats – please bring your own mat for use in conditioning. This can be a yoga type mat or anything you already have.

Music lessons (Piano and Guitar)
Pupils over the age of 12 are requested to wear a mask.
Staff will wear masks.
Piano keys, music stands and chairs will be cleaned between each pupil.
Guitar groups can go ahead in a maximum group of 4 and seats will be distanced.
Pupils for music lessons may enter the building and wait outside their music room.

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