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Lord Mayors
Procession 2019

All about the fun we had performing in The Lord Mayors Procession 2019

Some happy memories

By Leyla Erbas (Age 12)

After weeks of practicing as three separate groups and a couple of rehearsals altogether, the day had finally come! 

The theme was the environment. We knew this was going to be a different kind of procession than we had danced in before as this one didn't have big floats and the only vehicles allowed were electric ones. 

The day was miserable but that didn't dampen our spirits as we gathered and waited for the procession to start. The older girls went round adding glitter and making sure we all looked perfect.  

We danced and smiled all the way to the finish line and still had lots of energy as we danced past the judges. We were all so hapy to hear that we had won first place! Lisa - our dance teacher who put the routine together was aiming for Gold and we did it!!

I really enjoy events like this as it's a chance for us to dance together and support each other. 

I feel so luck to be part of the ARTS family!!


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