These two subjects can be studied together in one session or separately. Pupils study N.A.T.D Modern Stage for Examination purposes but are also taught from a variety of other syllabi in order to benefit from a range of styles.

Tap lessons follow the Stage branch of the N.A.T.D, which takes its roots from the American style of tap dancing.

Exams can be taken up to teacher qualification along with Junior and Senior Medals. Pupils are encouraged to participate in many different kinds of shows with ARTS to attain stage and performance experience.


Class times


(Suitable for ages 6-7yrs)

Monday 4.15-5.00

Wednesday 4.00-5.00

Saturday 11.00-12.00

(Suitable for ages 7/8yrs)

Wednesday 4.45-5.45pm

Friday 4.00-5.00pm

Saturday 10.15-11.00am

GRADE 1 - Suitable for ages 8-10yrs

Wednesday 4.45-5.45pm

Saturday 11.00-12.00pm
Saturday 12.15-1.15pm 


GRADE 2 - Suitable for ages 10-11yrs

Saturday 12.15-1.15pm

GRADE 3 - Suitable for ages 11-12yrs

Saturday 1.15-2.15pm

GRADE 4 - Suitable for ages 12-13yrs

Wednesday 4.45-5.45pm

(Suitable for ages 13/14) 
Tuesday 6.15-7.45


GRADE 5 - Suitable for ages 13-14yrs

Friday 5.00-6.30pm

INTERMEDIATE FOUNDATION - Suitable for ages 15-16yrs

Tuesday 7.00-8.30pm

Thursday 6.45-8.15pm 



Friday 8.15-9.00pm

Thursday 8.15-9.00pm