This year ARTS has decided to make a collection for a local charity Musical Keys. They do amazing things for children in our communities but need our support. Here is a little information about what they do:

Musical Keys, an established registered charity based in Norwich and operating across Norfolk was founded in 1990 by the parents of children with disabilities who realised that their children responded to music irrespective of their level of disability. Children from birth to 18 with special and additional needs (including those with complex health needs) enjoy music and movement sessions with their families in venues across the county. The ethos of the charity is for the children to have fun whilst at the same time learning through music. The sessions aim to encourage social skills including turn taking, sharing, etc, together with knowledge of colours, numbers, etc. All this learning is a natural progression for each of us, but for our young people this can be a lifetime of learning.Musical Keys offers support to families isolated by caring for a family member with disability. Siblings are particularly welcome. They too can often feel isolated with families having to give a disproportionate amount of time to their brothers or sisters with disability.Musical Keys receives no sustainable funding relying on income from trusts, foundations and the generosity of our supporters.
​We thank the Anglia Region Theatre School for choosing us to benefit from ‘Velocity’, and wish you every success with the show. Just a short note to thank everyone who attended this years show for helping us raise an incredible £337.46 for Musical Keys our chosen local charity. They have sent us a certificate which is now on display in the waiting room.....THANK YOU!!


Show 2010 - VELOCITY

When I arrived at the Hewett School ready for the first performance of this years ARTS show, Velocity, I was really excited as I knew that it was going to be one of the best shows yet. The shows are always a highlight of my year and I didn’t realize until I got there, how much I had missed the chaos of backstage. Costumes, make up and cameras everywhere and helping the little ones find lost headdresses and shoes!

A new development was tried this year, which was the introduction of a catwalk onto the front of the stage. I must admit dancing in the middle of the audience was something I have never done before and I’m glad I didn’t fall off onto an audience member’s lap!

During the 5 performances, I performed in Back in Black, Fosse, the Queen medley, Shake Your Groove Thing, Viva la Vida, Narnia and the Finale (all 6 times including the dress rehearsal.)  That’s an impressive 42 times on stage all together! However all the shows went so fast and before I knew it we had done the last one! The piece that I will always remember from this year on is Back in Black. I really enjoyed performing it and how could I possibly forget that quick change to sing in the next number!

Another good memory I have of the show is the famous group trip to Macdonald’s! Everyone in full stage makeup piling in between the two shows is a funny sight to see and to the horror of Macdonald’s staff this year the queue went out of the door into the car park!

The atmosphere on that stage is always amazing and I have never seen so many lights! I want to give a huge well done to everyone who performed, helped out and also our audiences! I simply cant wait for the premiere of the DVD!! As I walked backstage after the final anthem I had a lump in my throat and even though I was shattered all I wanted to do was get in my fosse costume and start it all over again! Certainly a show to remember! When can we start rehearsing for next time?!

Written by Emily Rout - Deputy Head Girl 2010/11