Presented at the ARTS Annual Awards Night, held at Dunston Hall, the Scholarship is awarded to a pupil the teaching staff and Principals believe will benefit the most from this opportunity.


scholarship scheme

ARTS currently has a scholarship programme which enables one talented pupil per year exemption from their tuition fees in a particular subject. The scheme gives a pupil of the staff's choice the opportunity to study a subject they would not normally study that we feel would benefit their training. For example, a talented Dancer might be given the chance to do a Drama class or vice versa.

Pupils that are chosen have a tremendous amount of potential and are hard-working dedicated students who we feel may go far in their theatrical careers.

Scholarships include all tuition fees for as long as the pupil remains at ARTS, all costume fees for any productions and 20% off all uniform appertaining to the subject.

It is a highly coveted award and pupils should continue to show promise in all their work to continue on the scheme. Progress, behaviour and attitude to work are all strictly monitored for scholarship students.

We hope that the scheme will continue to benefit children for many years to come and give the successful candidates a helping hand on the road to stardom!

2014 - Callum O'Brien
2013 - Tabitha Smith

2012 - Isobel Reed

2011 -  Lizzie Baker

2010 - Emily Remer

2009 - Lauren Holmes - Ballet

2007 - Rebecca Syder - Ballet

2006 - Richard Pye - Singing

2004 - Craig Catchpole - Modern

2003 - Bethany Hallett - Tap / Modern

2002 - Alannah Short - Ballet