Parking Vehicles In Side Roads

We have recently been approached by our local Police with regard to improving parking behaviors in the surrounding side roads. We we have an excellent relationship with our local Police team with whom we have been working to improve the safety for the children and patrons attending classes at ARTS. They have given us a list of reminders we would encourage you to remember when parking your cars, PLEASE:

  • Do not park within 10 meters (32ft) of any junction
  • Do not park on the opposite side of the road to another parked vehicle thus making the road too narrow for emergency vehicles or buses to pass through
  • During the hours of darkness please park your vehicle nearside to the kerb
  • Please do not park your vehicle on or blocking footpaths, pavements, driveways or any access points
  • Fixed penalty tickets can be issued for the above offenses.

Our very supportive Police team do not want to issue any fixed penalty notices but will do so if they do not receive your co-operation so please help our school, and community, by considering these points when parking your car.

Please help make ARTS and our village a safer place to visit. 

Many thanks