written by Ruby Mamattah (age 13)

I love the Panto!! I love the way the adults in the Drama group have so much fun and they make us feel so welcome. 

I have had a couple of mishaps, but my favourite was when we tripped trying to get on stage!! There were people watching from the sides and we couldn’t get on! But the audience didn’t realise, as we kept smiling and righted ourselves in time!!

The finale is my absolute favourite part of the whole show.  Everyone is cheering, clapping and laughing, so it is one of the best experiences of my life!  I love it!

Pantomime 2015 - Jack & the Beanstalk

Lucas Blair, Lily Browne, Jasmine Kibble, Betsy Looker, Isaac Looker, Emily Martin, Emily Shaw, Cara Van Rensburg 

Georiga Bacon, Lauren Holmes, Ruby Mamattah, Rebecca Place,Emily Remer, Emily Winnett