In June, ARTS pupils competed in the East Anglia heats of the Dance; Make your move competition at the Bury Apex Theatre. The competition is run by the Red Cross and each team has to raise sponsorship money and create a dance piece about the good work that the Red Cross do.

Our Juniors - a team of 28 dancers ages 6-11 danced a contemporary piece reflecting society’s
apathy to climate change and the devastation it can cause. It is centred around 2 children who
witness the destruction of the forest that they play in. We see the people of society who are seemingly indifferent to what is going on around them until they too are caught up in flood waters. The 2 children find themselves separated during the flood and with the help of the Red Cross manage to find each other again. The children enjoyed working with a story and for some the style and music we used was a new experience. Some had costume changes within the piece so they had a lot to remember but they performed beautifully and I was really proud of them all.

ARTS raised over £2000.00 in sponsorship money between the Junior and Senior teams from their friends and families and also hosted a cake sale and sponsored Zumba class which they organised completely by themselves!

I think the whole experience gave the children a better awareness of the Red Cross and the good work they do as well as being a wonderful experience for them as dancers. 

Victoria Wright
(ARTS Principal) 

Meredith Winship aged 11 wrote of her experience;

“I was chosen to be in the Junior Red Cross team which was very exciting – I was one of the 2 sisters that were separated in the flood. We
rehearsed twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays in our studio and I learnt a bit about the Red Cross and what they do to help people around the world. In the first heat of the competition we went to Bury St Edmunds. We went with the seniors as they were competing too and we had a great time. I was a little bit nervous because we had never performed our piece before and we didn't know what people would think of it. But it was fun and exciting and I was glad to be there with all my friends. Our team won that heat and a commendation for best theme and costume.

Me and the team then did more rehearsals and changed it a bit to make the story clearer. The second competition was the East of England finalists and it took place in Bedfordshire. It was a lot more nerve wraking because if we won this heat then we would be able to go to the O2! Thankfully we won that heat too and when we heard we jumped up and down screaming and cheering. "We're going to the O2!" We also won a certificate for the best interpretation of subject matter.

After Bedfordshire, we rehearsed again because the O2 stage was a lot bigger but this time we didn’t change anything.At last the big day arrived and we travelled down to the 02. This competition was a lot bigger as it was the final and all the teams were really good. We watched some of the other teams and there were some guest acts as well which were amazing. We also had a specially recorded Good Luck message from Diversity which was really exciting!

Unfortunately, we didn’t win this time but we had a fantastic time and a wonderful experience”

Junior Finalists performing at the Indigo Arena 02.

National Finals

held at the O2

Make your move competition 2013