ARTS Head Girls

Presented at the ARTS Annual Awards Night, held at Dunston Hall, the head girl or boy is voted for by the staff and pupils of the school.

The honoured student is chosen for their integrity, their commitment and spirit, not just abiity!

Many different people have been chosen over the years but they all have the qualities listed above in abundance.

the ROLE

Head Girl 2017 - Emily Winnett

Deputy - Gabrielle Anthony


Head Girl 2016 - Georgia Bacon

Deputy - Callum O'Brien

Head Girl 2015 - Aileen Inglis

Deputy - Georgina Randon

Head Girl 2013-2014 -Emily Legood
Deputy - Chloe Ludkin

Head Girl 2012-2013 - Hattie Beckett-Allen
Deputy - Lauren Syder

Head Girl 2011-2012 - Lauren Hipperson

Deputy - Richard Pye

Head Girl 2010-2011 - Holly Lewis

Deputy - Emily Rout

Head Girl 2009-2010 - Bethany Havers

Deputy - Hannah Legood

Head Girl 2008-2009 - Adella Gore

Head Girl 2007-2008 - Hannah Catchpole

​ Head Girl 2004-2006 - Lisa Arnup