Congratulations on an amazing set of Exam results!! 123 Exams were taken and 110 of you gained a Distinction! 
​We're so proud of all of you!!!

Exam Results - 19/20 July

Rainbow Awards - Freestyle
Chloe Wigg              (G)         Highly Commended
Macy Hale                (G)         Highly Commended
Phoebe Smith           (Y)         Highly Commended
Eleanor Luxton         (O)         Highly Commended

Rainbow Awards - Ballet
Isabelle Blackwell     (V)          Distinction
Violet Jones             (V)          Distinction
Rebecca Britton       (V)          Distinction
Imogen Samson        (I)           Distinction
Jasmine Page           (I)           Distinction
Amy Langdon           (I)           Distinction
Gabriela Simpson     (B)          Distinction
Cicely Heaton           (B)          Distinction
Tilly Matthews           (G)         Distinction
Maisie Tooke            (G)         Distinction
Elspeth Vinters         (G)         Distinction
Mia Horwood             (G)         Distinction

Aoife Howard             (G)         Distinction

Rainbow Awards - Tap
Ema Cisa                  (V)          Distinction
Kerris Dique              (V)          Distinction
Zoe Matthews            (V)          Distinction
Jessica-Rae Manning (V)          Distinction
Nicole Tumov              (I)           Distinction
Amelia Hanner            (I)           Distinction

Rainbow Awards - Disco
Evie Utting                 (G)         Distinction
Hannah Starman        (G)        Distinction
Ella Hazelden             (O)         Distinction
Abigail Dye                (O)         Distinction

Rainbow Awards - Modern
Evie Utting                  (Y)          Distinction
Izzy Smith                   (O)         Distinction
Tabitha Smith            (O)         Distinction
Alana Martin              (R)          Distinction
Emily Bell                  (PG)       Distinction
Harriet Marlee           (PG)       Distinction
Grade Two Contemporary
Tabitha Smith             Distinction
Isobelle Howard          Distinction
Nicole Phillips             Distinction
Lizzie Baker                Distinction
Megan Calver             Distinction
Phoebe Thomas         Distinction
Evie Lawrence            Distinction
Meredith Winship        Distinction

Grade Three Contemporary
Abigail Lewis              Distinction

Class Tap
Chloe Drewry             Distinction
Imogen Jordison         Distinction
Amelia Parling            Distinction
Lettie Morritt               Distinction

Preliminary Tap
Madeleine Pike           Merit
Ruby Palmer-Smith     Merit
Phoebe C-Green        Distinction
Shelby Dunnett           Distinction
Francesca Tyler          Distinction
Emily Martin                 Distinction
Jasmine Kibble             Distinction

Grade One Tap
Georgia Scott              Merit
Alice Winnett               Distinction
Imogen Smith              Distinction
Kirsty Ogden               Distinction
Millie Bell                     Distinction
Nicole Bradley             Distinction
Lily Browne                  Distinction
Mia Howes                   Distinction
Emily Fuller                 Distinction
Nicola Dawson             Distinction
Daniel Rous-Milligan   Distinction
Rosie Spencer            Distinction

Grade Three Tap
Amy Carr-Glynn          Merit
Alice Rae                    Merit
Nicole Phillips             Merit
Lizzie Baker                Merit
Ruby Mamattah          Distinction
Lauren Holmes           Distinction
Emily Winnett             Distinction
Harriet Hughes           Distinction
Rebecca Place           Distinction
Meredith Winship       Distinction

Grade Four Tap
Lucy Gleeson             Distinction
Georgia Bacon           Distinction

Grade Five Tap
Daisy Wyatt                Distinction
Aileen Inglis                Distinction
Abigail Lewis              Distinction

​Grade Three Modern
Alice Rae                   Merit
Charlotte Hughes      Merit
Lizzie Baker               Merit
Emily Winnett            Distinction
Julia Lelewel              Distinction
Harriet Hughes          Distinction
Rebecca Place          Distinction
Ruby Mamattah         Distinction
Nicole Phillips            Distinction
Lauren Holmes          Distinction
Liana Rout                 Distinction
Caitlin Dye                 Distinction
Emily Remer              Distinction
Meredith Winship       Distinction

Class Ballet
Imogen Jordisonn      Distinction
Chloe Drewry             Distinction
Lettie Morritt              Distinction
Amelia Parling           Distinction

Preliminary Ballet
Emily Martin               Merit
Martha Menary          Merit
Athena Mavroudis     Merit
Rosa Durrant             Distinction
Madeleine Pike          Distinction
Evie Flatt                   Distinction
Ruby Palmer-Smith    Distinction
Rose Nichols             Distinction
Jasmine Kibble          Distinction
Lucy Squires             Distinction
Cara Van Rensburg  Distinction
Ella Waterfield           Distinction
Lily Browne                Distinction
Grace Small               Distinction
Phoebe C-Green       Distinction

Grade Four Ballet
Gabrielle Anthony      Distinction
Emily Winnett             Distinction
Nicole Phillips             Distinction
Liana Rout                 Distinction
Elizabeth Pearson      Distinction
Lauren Holmes           Distinction
Jemma Clarke             Distinction
Evie Lawrence             Distinction
Caitlin Dye                   Distinction
Meredith Winship         Distinction

Associate Ballet
Hannah Catchpole       Distinction