Hi, I'm Athena and I'm seven years old. This year I danced on stage with Angelina Ballerina at the Theatre Royal in Norwich. My favourite thing was dancing with Angelina Ballerina in my costume in front of lots of people. I had so much fun learning the dance routine. Dancing in the theatre and meeting all of the other people from the show were my best days ever. I've danced at Arts now since I was four and I love doing all my dance classes and the shows. 

I love ARTS!


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​Earlier this year some of our younger ballet students here at ARTS were chosen to appear in 2 performances of ‘Angelina Ballerina the Mousical’ at Norwich Theatre Royal. It’s every little girls dream to be able to perform with Angelina, so as you can imagine, everyone was very excited by this opportunity when we announced the news!!

We were sent the DVD of the routine, for the children to rehearse, and with only limited time to learn it they all rose to the challenge and within just a few rehearsals had managed to master the dance beautifully. With excitement building and show week approaching we were lucky enough to have the local press visit us to take photographs and film, for the newspapers and
also for the official Theatre Royal press release online.

With costumes, make up and lots of hair pins packed it was finally time for the first performance!! All our very excited children arrived at the theatre to rehearse with the characters and put the finishing touches to the routine before being transformed into mice for the first time! While all of this was going on backstage there were lots of very nervous but proud teachers and parents taking to their seats in the auditorium. As we approached the end
of the show it was time for the ARTS ballet students to take to the stage. As they were named, one by one they ran onto the stage, beaming from ear to ear taking in every moment of being in front of all those people and performing with the cast of Angelina Ballerina! It was a moment I am sure none of them will forget in a hurry and they got to do it all again a couple of days later!

​Thank you to the cast and production team for the fantastic opportunity you
gave to some of our students, we are very proud of them all! 

Angelina Ballerina - Theatre Royal Norwich